Our vision

Nvalue aims to become a renewable energy producer by investing in new renewable energy sources.

Nvalue focuses on small local renewable energy projects in Switzerland, Germany and Italy with priority to small hydro, wind and photovoltaic technologies.

Nvalue's vision embraces the idea of an independent renewable energy supplier with its own renewable generation assets.

Our values

Nvalue business activities support voluntary consumption of renewable power and the effective reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the support of new renewable energy generation.

Nvalue offers environmental and economic benefits to renewable energy producers and creates sustainable value for additional investments in renewable power.

Nvalue constantly explores new markets and aims to develop renewable energy projects of quality and value for a sustainable future.

Nvalue strongly supports entrepreneurial approaches and independent initiatives. We believe that major changes can be achieved only if new ideas can be supported by independent market players.

The values that drive our commitment will give a chance to anyone who believes that change is possible.

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About Nvalue

Nvalue is a independent Swiss based company providing renewable energy solutions.

Vision & values

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