Energy efficiency market

The European Union decided to include the reduction of energy consumption by 20% among its climate change objectives for 2020.

Promoting energy efficiency in Europe

The objective to increase energy saving in Europe serves multiple goals. Lowering energy demand will increase the security of energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Introduction of new energy-efficiency technologies could make a major contribution to EU competitiveness and the employment market.

The Directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy services stimulates the market for energy services and for the delivery of other energy efficiency improvement measures to final consumers.

Energy efficiency obligations

Energy efficiency obligations is a recent and innovative measure whereby energy companies (supplier/retailer or distributor) have a legal obligation to promote investment, which will save energy in a customer’s property or household. When this obligation is met by buying or selling the energy saving credits, it is usually called White Certificates.

White certificates

A white certificate, also referred to as an Energy Savings Certificate (ESC), Energy Efficiency Credit (EEC), or white tag, is an instrument issued by an authorized body guaranteeing that a specified amount of energy savings has been achieved.

Each certificate is a unique and traceable commodity carrying a property right over a certain amount of additional energy savings and guaranteeing that the benefit of these savings has not been accounted for elsewhere.

An energy efficiency certificate (“White Tag”) generally represents one MWh of energy saved. The certificate can then be used to meet voluntary emission reductions commitments or traded to another company.

Nvalue provides you any type of energy efficiency certificates in cooperation with our Europe-wide business network.

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European directives

Renewable energy sources 
Directive 2009/28/EC
Directive 2001/77

Electricity market
Directive 2003/54/EC

Greenhouse gas emission
Directive 2003/87/EC

Energy efficiency
Directive 2006/32/EC

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