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Last update week 32/2020

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Last update week 32/2020

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The provided data above are indication only for wholesale standard size transaction in European hydro GOO s. For firm pricing and or additional products (including quality labels, technologies and origins) please contact us directly.

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Green energy certificates

Nvalue is an independent energy origination house providing municipalities and electricity distributors the best possible access to renewable energy and green power certificates.
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Independent Swiss origination house

We actively participate in the fight against climate change through our business activities in the renewable energy.
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Renewable energy sources

Nvalue can support renewable energy producers to optimise and commercialise the environmental added value of their renewable energy production. 
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Environmental markets

Nvalue guides partners and clients through their environmental strategy definition, business development activities and their transactions and investments in the environmental markets.
Green energy certificates market
Emission trading market
Energy efficiency market

Market price

Titoli Efficienza Energetica

TEE Tipo I
Closing price : 260.45 €/tep
( 05.05.2020 )
Closing price : 260.45 €/tep
( 05.05.2020 )
Closing price : 260.45 €/tep
( 05.05.2020 )

Carbon Market Price Indication

Closing price : 21.88 €/t
( 04.06.20 )
Dec 2020
Closing price : 21.86 €/t
( 04.06.20 )

Certified Emission Reductions

Closing price : 0.31 €/t
( 03.06.20 )
Dec 2020
Closing price : 0.24 €/t
( 03.06.20 )

Green energy certificates

Renewable energy wholesaler

Nvalue supply renewable power through a broad range of green certificates.

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100% Green energy

Are you a 100% renewable energy producer?

Join Nvalue for the valorisation of your renewable assets.

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