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Nvalue is a green energy certificates wholesaler active in the European energy market. The certificates that we supply are characterised by Guarantees of Origin in line with art. 15 of the new EU RES Directive 28/2009.

Nvalue RES certificates portfolio is characterised by a wide range of certificates well diversified per technology and per country.

Nvalue RES certificates portfolio is structured in cooperation with several 100% renewable energy producers across the Alpine region and the Nordic Countries.

Green energy certificates

Carbon compensation certificates - VER

Verified Emission Reductions (VER) are tradable emission reductions which are issued worldwide from projects that reduce CO2 emissions. VERs are not certified under the Kyoto Protocol but can be used to compensate carbon emissions by organizations that voluntarily want to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

1 VER is equivalent to one metric ton of CO2.

Nvalue’s well establish network within the renewable and carbon markets, its flexible and dynamic structure and its top notch experience is the ideal partner for Municipalities and Industrials to identify and structure the best offset strategy in the voluntary market.

The Nvalue portfolio offers:

  • Verified Emission Reduction (VERs)
  • Voluntary Carbon Standard VERs (VCS VERs)
  • Gold Standard VERs (GS VERs)

Carbon compensation certificates – VERs

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Green energy certificates

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Nvalue supply renewable power through a broad range of green certificates.

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