Green energy certificates

As a green energy wholesaler, Nvalue can supply any type of renewable energy certificate. We work closely with a number of renewable energy producers throughout Europe in order to provide your renewable power.

Nvalue manages a renewable certificates portfolio of about 20 TWh from different types of renewable assets and origin.

Market access to renewable energy market

Nvalue aims to support its clients and partners in order to meet their overall environmental targets.

Nvalue’s expertise and daily business focus make sure that our clients and partners get:

  • a fast and dynamic market access
  • a quality offer - GoO Guarantee of Origins
  • a credible product - quality national labels and international standards
  • a renewable offer - 100% renewable producers
  • a competitive pricing
  • market transparency

Nvalue RES certificates offer
Nvalue RES labels offer

Green electricity sources

Electricity generated from renewable energy sources supplied through Guarantee of Origins:

 Hydro power, wind power, solar power, biomass

Guarantees of origin

Guarantees of origin in the meaning of Directive 2009/28/EC are the only precisely defined instruments evidencing the origin of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

[Article 15 para 1 Directive 2009/28/EC states]

The Directive defines the purpose of guarantees of origin as "proving to final customers the share or quantity of energy from renewable sources in an energy supplier’s energy mix".

Member States use guarantees of origin to ensure that "the origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources can be guaranteed as such within the meaning of this Directive, in accordance with objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria."

[Article 15 para 6 Directive 2009/28/EC states]

A guarantee of origin must be equivalent to 1 MWh. and specify at least:

  • the energy source from which the energy was produced and the start and end dates of production;
  • whether it relates to electricity; or heating or cooling;
  • the identity, location, type and capacity of the installation where the energy was produced;
  • whether and to what extent the installation has benefited from investment subsidies;
  • whether and to what extent the unit of energy has benefited in any other way from a national support scheme, and the type of support scheme;
  • the date on which the installation became operational; and
  • the date and country of issue and a unique identification number.

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Guarantee of Origin

The only precisely defined instruments evidencing the origin of electricity generated from renewable energy sources, in the meaning of Directive 2009/28/EC.
Nvalue RES certificates offer

Renewable Energy Certificate System (RECS)

RECS enables international trade of renewable energy. The certificates are used to separate the environmental value of renewables from their physical energy.

Certification of electricity generation from renewables

TRU proofs the origin of electricity produced from power plants certified according to the TÜV SÜD Generation EE standards.

European directives

Renewable energy sources 
Directive 2009/28/EC
Directive 2001/77

Electricity market
Directive 2003/54/EC

Greenhouse gas emission
Directive 2003/87/EC

Energy efficiency
Directive 2006/32/EC

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