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Nvalue focuses on the optimisation of partners and clients’ portfolios. We aim to bring an extensive understanding of the environmental markets with their opportunities and threats. Our creative and innovative approach is based on client oriented win-win market solutions.

Origination, trading and project management

Nvalue bring to our partners and clients a real added value in specific market niches with its sales & trading expertise and market know-how in the energy and environmental markets. Nvalue services include:

Origination services

The origination approach of Nvalue aims to create value by identifying valuable opportunities in the market, structuring and closing them for our origination partners. Origination activities focus on back to back transactions in non-transparent and illiquid markets.

Origination services

Portfolio management services

The RES portfolio pool approach of Nvalue aims to create value for our partner producers by offering an effective and coordinated market access through Nvalue commercialisation activities in the market.

Portfolio management services

Nvalue advisory services 

The electricity market has been living constant substantial changes in the last ten years. Environmental policies are increasingly playing an important role in this overall change. These changes are significantly affecting the way assets are managed, the electricity is produced and distributed, and how electricity is consumed.

Nvalue advisory services aim to draft in advance the future outlook of specific policy intervention and market regulation, to outline the best possible strategies and to be constantly informed and aware of the consequences that such changes may have on your business.

Nvalue Advisory services

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Nvalue supply renewable power through a broad range of green certificates.

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