Energy policy & monitoring

Electricity markets are highly dependent on the actions of various regulators. That is particularly true in the highly regulated environment of the European energy market where a wide range of regulators impact market policy and operations on a national level.

Electricity & gas markets

The opening up of the European energy market is in a continuously evolving

  • Sepember 2007 - the Commission made a series of proposals to further open up the gas and electricity markets
  • July 2009 - the 3rd legislative package for an internal EU gas and electricity market was adopted
  • September 2009 - member states have 18 months to enact the gas and electricity directives into national law
  • March 2011 - the "gas and electricity directives" have to be enacted into national law by members states

The implementation of the different EU directives is not done simultaneously in each member states and their implementation degree vary from country to country.


Specific regulations exists in each country in respect to renewable energy and energy efficiency and those are impacting the market functioning with complex specificities.

Nvalue follows up the evolution of the implementation process of those legislative packages and offers to its partners and clients important insights on the impact of future changes on their activities.

Regulatory monitoring service

Nvalue provides clients with executive level intelligence regarding policy issues that could have a significant impact on clients’ business opportunities. 

The Nvalue regulatory team is constantly focused on the most relevant issues regarding the following markets:

  • power market
  • carbon market
  • renewable energy market

We cut through the mountains of data, filings, proposals, rulemakings, applications, presentations and reports to:

  • identify issues of concern,
  • predict and interpret regulatory actions, and
  • recommend responses that further client interests.

Nvalue combines a high level review of what’s going on with an in-depth analysis of the issues of greatest concern to our clients.

Products and services

Our regulatory monitoring is designed specifically for each client’s needs and concerns. The basic product is a monthly update of relevant regulatory activity that includes monthly focus on the most important changes in the market.

The following products and services are provided by the Nvalue legal monitoring team:

Legal monitoring (Nlegal)

Newsletters (Nnews)

Focus (Nfocus)

Investment handbook (Nbook)

NREAP snapshot (Nres)

Nvalue legal monitoring services offers a special focus on the Italian energy market.

Nvalue provides focused, insightful and cost-effective regulatory monitoring services for our clients.

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Energy policy & monitoring

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