Italian RES market

The fast changing legislative framework and the political uncertainties characterising the Italian market are difficult to cover and master. Nvalue through its presence and knowledge of the Italian market offers you market access services to the Southern European market.

Cross border power trading - Hedging strategies support

Cross border power trading to the Italian market is linked to different legislative measures supporting renewable power. The knowledge of the certificati verdi market could play a key role in the success of your power trading strategies. Nvalue provides hedging strategies support in the field of certificati verdi procurement.

Certificati verdi procurement

Nvalue provides market access services and infrastructure support in the certificati verdi market.

Compliance procedure support

Nvalue provides electricity imports certification support for electricity importers in the Italian market. Nvalue provides documentation and methodology support in the filing process of your electricity import declaration to the relevant Italian authorities.

COFER - Guarantee of origin

Nvalue supplies you guarantee of origin for your disclosure energy mix declaration. We can combine your electricity imports to Italy to additional opportunities related to the disclosure market.

Cooperation mechanisms

Nvalue will support you in the strategy definition combining cross border power trading strategies and statistical transfers according to the cooperation mechanisms set in the EU Directive 2009/28.

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Italian RES market

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