Portfolio management

Nvalue portfolio management services aim to create value and synergies out of our daily commercial activities in the market for all renewable energy producers cooperating with us as partners of the Nvalue RES portfolio pool.

RES portfolio pool - Benefits

As Partner of Nvalue RES portfolio pool you will benefit from our expertise and market presence:

  • Nvalue currently sells 18,5 TWh of RES certificates throughout Europe
  • Nvalue current clients portfolio is of about 180 clients throughout Europe
  • Nvalue brings market transparency for your RES certificates portfolio
  • Nvalue valorises your RES certificates at the best possible market conditions
  • Nvalue actively scouts new clients in the market and develops further RES certificates demand
  • Nvalue challenges the competition for big volumes in the market

RES portfolio management services

Guarantee of Origin

Nvalue, through its market activities and its RES certificates optimise your renewable power portfolio with a guarantee of origins in the European wholesale market.

Through the Nvalue commercial plateform and its RES certificates offers, Nvalue can also valorise specific labels like TÜV EE, EE+ and EE01 standards, OK-power standards and naturemade basic / naturemade star standards.


Entrusting Nvalue portfolio management services means:

  • wide competition: profit from Nvalue’s well-established network
  • geographic advantage: valorise your production portfolio throughout Europe
  • network: valorise your portfolio through Nvalue’s network of municipalities and industrial clients
  • diversified trading strategy: valorise your portfolio through Nvalue’s trading flexibility and independence

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